Cloud-Based Services for your Business

Cloud Services Revolutionize How we Work

Cloud-based systems are revolutionizing how we work together. From CRM solutions to email hosting to project management platforms, cloud-based alternatives allow you to grow your business, function faster and more effectively, and increase your ROI.

Cloud-based systems are also not tethered to a location and therefore are free from break-ins, tampering, or damage to your physical office location. These systems allow teams from around the world to collaborate in real-time.

Our Technology Guides are well versed in a number of cloud-based systems.

Microsoft Sharepoint

With Office 365, Microsoft bundled some of its most valuable enterprise applications, like SharePoint and Exchange, into a cloud offering. This flexible solution makes internal collaboration far simpler. By including Microsoft SharePoint within Office 365, Microsoft has made this technology accessible to small businesses as well as full-scale enterprise accounts.

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to securely store important business information with appropriate backup and restore capability. This shared infrastructure and hosting also provides significant cost savings to your operations team.

Wikis, blogs, and news feeds are included as part of the platform and allow teams to communicate more effectively. Team members are able to collaborate through multi-authoring and document version control. Additionally, SharePoint is fully integrated with other Microsoft applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Microsoft Teams & Slack

Effective communication is the backbone of any company, and Microsoft Teams and Slack have emerged as major players in the intra-office communication space.

Slack offers a unique chatroom structure that allows colleagues to communicate quickly and efficiently in an organized platform. Slack also offers hundreds of integrations that allow your team to connect to other cloud-based apps such as Google Drive.

Microsoft Teams offers a similar chat room structure and is fully integrated for businesses enrolled in an Office 365 Business subscription plan.

Our Tech Guides can help determine which services are best for your business. Ultimately, this will depend on whether you use Google or Microsoft to manage your content, apps, and services.

Ready to Revolutionize your Business?

Our Tech Guides can help you navigate the growing world of cloud solutions. We’ve included a few examples of these cloud-based systems above. If you’re ready to revolutionize your business, we’ll sit down with you and your team to understand the best solution to ensure your business is secure and the most efficient it can be.

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“Going away are the days where it takes multiple steps and logins to access information or wait your turn to work on a document. Office 365, and particularly SharePoint and OneNote, are removing unnecessary restrictions and lengthy delays so that information is quickly accessible, shared, stored and easily worked on in real-time with colleagues from various locations.
Sheldon Loeppky, Manager of Business Operations

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