Scout Managed Services

Three words that make technology simple

An in-house IT department – even if it’s only one person – won’t necessarily have expertise in all areas you need. Or will need. Outsourcing the day-to-day management and responsibility for your technology makes sense. We’ll tailor a Complete Managed Service package that fits your business and charge you a flat monthly fee. That’s it. Pretty simple, really.

So what’s included in Managed Services? It depends on what you need and how many workstations you have. Here’s an example of the types of things we can do:

Infrastructure Design Icon

Infrastructure Design


Whether you have an existing system that needs better integration between old and new systems or would like to start to hardwire a new network from scratch, we can engineer a solution that works for your company – and your budget. Developing an integrated solution means we’ll know your system intimately and can provide ongoing assessments, repairs  and recommendations in real time – before a crisis occurs. Legacy systems often have no documentation or paperwork – they live inside the head of whoever set them up. We provide complete documentation of every system we set up so you will have an accurate record of your network.

Products Available

Physical & Virtual Server Deployments

Physical to Virtual Conversions

PC and Mac Networks

Wireless Access Infrastructure

Thin Clients

Data and Voice Cabling

Fiber Optic Cabling

Data Protection Icon

Data Protection

System Backup + Disaster Recovery

Today your company’s information and network connectivity are crucial to your operation. Protecting it from malicious attacks and unforeseen events such as power blackouts, vandalism or a natural disaster is key to maintaining business continuity. We can set up and automatically update system-wide virus protection and establish redundant backup systems for your data. A single point of backup can spell disaster – we can set up an offsite data backup as well as schedule a multiple backup routine. We can also establish a comprehensive recovery program in the event your business is hit with a disaster so you can be back up and running with minimal downtime.

Products Available

Antivirus & Backup Solutions


Server Replication

Business Continuity

Offsite Backup

Hardware & Software Monitoring

24/7 NOC

Mobile Systems Icon

Mobile Systems


If you’re like many companies, you need to do business from anywhere and on any device, support telecommuting and flextime employees and respond to customers faster. Which means much of your core information system needs to be mobile. We’ll perform an assessment and can devise a complete MDM (yes, we still love acronyms – Mobile Device Management) solution that will monitor and maintain all your mobile devices and ensure they work together seamlessly – smartphones, laptops and tablets. We can help you track their location – even when they’re lost or stolen. We’ll also set up protection systems for those who use their own laptops for work.

Products Available


Remote Access

Mobile Voice

Corporate Smartphones & Tablets


Cloud Consulting Icon

Cloud Consulting

Storage | Platform

A small business can gain immediate operational maturity (without upfront capital outlays or investing in internal talent) by shifting operational risks to cloud-managed solution providers. Yes, that would be us. Outsourcing your operating and data storage systems to the cloud can be acquired at lower expense and lower risk, dramatically decreasing your total cost of ownership and delivering a better ROI. You’ll be able to connect to your information and coworkers anywhere, anytime. We can help you explore this option and develop a painless implementation plan.

Products Available

Cloud Backup


Form Solutions

Email Hosting

Presence & Instant Messaging

Mobile Document Management

Voice Solutions Icon

Voice Solutions


With so many ways to communicate wirelessly, landline-based systems may seem a thing of the past. But when you have a bricks and mortar office with a dedicated network, your phones need to integrate and work seamlessly with your data systems. We can set that up, install data and voice cabling and connect all your devices to your networks. We will recommend landline, VOIP (Voice over Internet) and mobile systems, that ensure the communication and computing tools your people need, will work together seamlessly.

Products Available

Phone Systems




Conference Phones

Paging Devices

Access Control Systems

Nursecall Systems