Disaster Recovery Solutions

Do you Have Security Concerns?

Every day we hear from owners and senior business leaders who are concerned with security. Over and over again companies are not bothering with basic security to protect their information. This can result in IT headaches, work disruption, and data loss. One of the most important parts of disaster recovery is developing a plan that will keep your business safe.

A technology disaster can have devastating effects on a business and its shareholders. Studies have shown that many businesses will fail after experiencing a significant data loss.

Is disaster recovery important? In one word: Absolutely.

What Exactly is a Disaster?

A disaster can be anything that puts an organization’s operations at risk, from a cyber attack to equipment failures to natural disasters. The goal of disaster recovery is for a business to continue nearly normal operations in the event of a disaster.

An example of a disaster would be if a Chief Financial Officer unknowingly revealed his emails credentials and caused a privacy breach for a healthcare organization. In most cases, these phishing emails are sophisticated and the CFO may not even be aware of what happened.

Another example is a local business that gets attacked with crypto malware. This would encrypt critical files that happened to be on a network storage device.

Don’t jeopardize your business by leaving data at the mercy of hardware or human error.

Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan

One of the most effective ways to handle a disaster is to have a plan in place beforehand. Should your business be attacked, our team of Tech Guides will help design and build a solution to help keep your data safe which will help get you up and running faster.

In order to keep your network data secure, we develop a multi-layered security stack that includes security patches, network security improvements, user training & awareness, anti-virus systems and email filtering.

The disaster recovery process includes planning and testing and may involve a separate physical site for restoring operations.

Putting your business on a path for security

The Disaster Recovery Plan developed by Scout Technology Guides is the line of defense that your business needs.

Contact us today and we’ll meet with you and review your business to expose vulnerabilities and build a robust plan to keep your business running smooth.

“The solution that has been implemented by Scout has significantly alleviated our concern about being compromised in a disaster and has given us a robust solution for interbranch file synchronization, providing us with real-time communication capability.
Randy Peters, General Manager

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