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We’re Hiring a Systems Administrator

Scout Team

Scout started over a decade ago in a basement, because three techs believed that they could provide better IT service aboveground. Now, Scout is a strong, growing provider of outsourced IT & Telephony services & support based in Langley. We even have a real office. Our purpose is to utilize technology to simplify lives, both […]

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Future Proof your business with 3CX Phone Systems

Why Should my Business use a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone System? Using a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system such as 3CX has several benefits for businesses. Businesses can save money and can increase portability, convenience, and flexibility by making the switch to 3CX Phone Systems. Additionally, 3CX Phone Systems increase the […]

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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Do you Have Security Concerns? Every day we hear from owners and senior business leaders who are concerned with security. Over and over again companies are not bothering with basic security to protect their information. This can result in IT headaches, work disruption, and data loss. One of the most important parts of disaster recovery […]

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Scout Technology Guides: Our Culture Journey

scout team photo

Scout Technology Guides: Our Culture Journey Starting with the Why: an interview with Scout founder Matt Dryfhout Recently, our Matt Dryfhout sat down for an interview where he was asked to discuss the culture of what it means to be a Scout Technology Guide. Scout was one of six companies that were selected for this opportunity […]

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ConnectWise Tampa Visit

ConnectWise’s 2nd Annual Product All-Up Event Last week, our CEO Matt and Service Manager Kris were whisked away to Tampa, Florida to speak at ConnectWise’s second annual Product All-Up. This event brings together the development and product teams of ConnectWise’s five products – Manage, Automate, Sell, Control, and Unite – to renew their common goals […]

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Night on the Street 2017 Reflections

Reflections on A Night on the Street 2017 On Nov 28th, I spent the night on the street again, this time with a couple clients of ours in partnership to raise awareness and funding for Youth Unlimited’s street life program. Preparing for this year was a very different experience than it was last year. Gone […]

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The trust relationship between this user and the internet has failed

The internet is giving me trust issues. Until far too recently, my version of the internet, populated with cookie recipes, two day shipping and the answers to my questions, felt like a largely benevolent place. Or if not benevolent, at least well intentioned. Now, I’m starting to wonder if I should stock up on tinfoil. […]

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Building your own Human Firewall!

  On April 27th, join us for BREAKFAST and learn how to build a HUMAN FIREWALL with simulated phishing and training through KnowBe4! Internet devices have become an essential part of our modern lives—but they are not without their risks. In today’s enterprise-driven workplace, your online connection presents a huge security challenge that often goes […]

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Doing Tech Support Better

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, I needed to close a game, so I clicked on the close icon prompting the message “Press ESC to exit, or any key to continue.” Only, when I tried to type ESC like the computer said to, it sent me back to the game. So I […]

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Essential Internet?

Last week, CRTC, Canada’s Broadcast Regulator declared Broadband internet a “basic” service, a title only previously bestowed on local landline service. What this means in practical terms is that all internet service customers in Canada should have access to high speed internet with least 50Mbps down and 10Mbps up, along with the option of unlimited data.* CRTC […]

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